Sunday, 12 November 2017

Ardor's "Punishment" added

To celebrate the upcoming release of Netflix's The Punisher series, starring Jon Bernthal, Ardor has released their own vision of the Punishers armour in the form of a kit for the Pro Evolution series.

The kit features a full replicated by hand "painted" Punisher logo, body armour, ammunition holders as well as a holster on the shorts. 
This kit has also been designed with myclub in mind, rather than featuring a club badge it has a space for any user to download the kit and add their own. Alternatively as seen in the image above the kit settings, that are included in the bottom right of the kit file, the squad number can feature if the user doesn't wish to add a club badge.

I hope you enjoy this kit, a lot of time and effort has gone into it as personally I am a big fan of the Punisher and wanted to make sure that this kit does the Punisher justice, just as he deals out his own, in style.

Download can be found here.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Bristol City Mixed CLassics Kit Pack added

For all of you fellow Bristol City fans here is a kit pack featuring a home, away and goalkeeper kit all from various seasons. In this pack you'll find Bristol Citys classic centenary home kit, their 1987 Freight Trophy away kit and the 10/11 season goalkeeper kit as worn by David James.
The pack features the home, away and goalkeeper kit from this season in HD (2048) format.

Monday, 23 October 2017

Championship 17/18 Option File V2.0 added

I know PES Universe has got your back when it comes to the Championship as one of their senior editors has been hard at work doing the editing for their files with the use of my kits but today I offer something a little more with my Championship V2 file. 
Having finally had the chance to put real life on the back burner and get back to the wonder world of digital football and design I have now finished adding the remianing kits I hadn't previously made to my Championship file. Now you will find Preston North Ends 3rd kit, Norwich City's 3rd kit and Bolton Wanderers 3rd/ Scottish preseason tour added as well as many tweaks and edits. 
I have also worked on my own team (Bristol City) considerably as they now have updated faces all included in this pack. 
Finally I have ensured that all managers are up to date and accounted for giving you the most complete and up to date Championship pack.

For those of you using PES Universes amazing V2 Option File, do not worry, all of these updates will be included in their V3 Option File, potentially with many more.

One final update, unlike my previous V1 OF this V2 OF comes with an option of SD quality (1024) as well as the HD quality version (2048) which can both be found on the Option Files area.

If you would like to leave feedback or make suggestions for future changes simply contact me on twitter (@BigZombieMonkey)

Monday, 16 October 2017

Liverpool 85/86 Kit Pack added

For all of you Liverpool fans here is a kit pack of the Division 1 kits from the 85/86 season when Liverpool pipped Everton to the title, a much loved season for Liverpool fans.
The pack features the home, away and goalkeeper kit from this season in HD (2048) format.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Arsenal 99/01 Kit Pack added

For all of you Arsenal fans here is a kit pack from the 1999 to 2001 era which included my personal favourite, and owned, SEGA away kit.
The pack features the home, away and goalkeeper kit from this era in HD (2048) format.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Cruzeiro E. Clube 17/18 Home Kit

This kit was very much a side project for myself but as I progressed through making it I found myself enjoying it further and further. When Konami made the changes in kit templates for PES 2018 I feared this kit may be shelved due to my busy schedule but upon release of the game Cruzeiro E. Clube, despite being licensed, were missing their home kit, instead they had the previous seasons home kit and so I took to finishing this.
With the latest update Cruzeiro E. Clube now have this kit already in the game but should you want to use it for myclub without using Cruzeiro E. Clube themselves the download option is there for you to enjoy.